My New Year Wish

Recently, I was reflecting about current situation of our beautiful planet, browsing through some terrible pictures and worrying news from 2014, and I could not help but go sensitive and scribble a few words – my wishes for the upcoming year.

So, my wish for 2015 is…

…is that more people around the globe would begin to think a bit more about the world we live in and that we destroy slowly, but surely – something the vast majority of us, the humanity, does not think about on a daily basis, in the midst of being focused on our precious selves in so many aspects. All of which, by the way, can be traced back to one simple cause – justifying our existence by blindly indulging our desires and looking for new triggers of dopamine release in our brain.

Irrational hedonism is faulty and corrupt, if for no other reason than because it brings the mankind to the situation when the old, familiar sources of unrestrained pleasure will simply cease to exist. And if the humankind supposedly lives for the continuation of its lineage (the purport of human existence, according to many), think that the children born today and their descendants may possibly never get to take pleasure in many of the Nature’s branches that still exist as of today, but are vanishing fast.

There are 16,938 species of various living beings currently threatened with extinction, according to IUCN Red List criteria. There are approximately 3,200 tigers (of all subspecies) left in our world, 30,000 chimpanzees, 58% of coral reefs worldwide are in danger of dying out within next 30 years. Honey bees population is diminishing worldwide, something that is known as “colony collapse disorder“. All of this and much more is at least partially or wholly due to human activity.

There are some people of power, overlords of certain corporations and conglomerates, whose insatiable greed compels them to egoistically exploit our world, and later
on to sedate their conscience by tipping the charity organizations, thinking that by doing this they washed their hands of the damage they caused. It is not a secret that the most of humankind currently finds itself on their hedonistic hook: we consume the services, use up natural resources they wrongly got the total control of, and cannot let go of it all because of our inadvertent desire to please ourselves. But we can affect their control of the game by becoming aware of our own actions.

By limiting our consumption, we can affect the insatiable avarice of those overlords. By educating ourselves about this world – even by simply reading one article about endangered species or affected nature in some place of our world instead of another entertaining piece on a new fiancée of some nonsense pop-singer, who is a mere toy of the puppeteers mentioned above – we are making a big step toward liberating ourselves from the current corrupt system.

There should be no more “our” and “their” problems; the world is one for all. It does not mean that what is happening 10,000 miles away from us, is not affecting us just because we are not seeing it. It does not mean that the consequences of the mystery of tragically vanishing bumblebees or Arctic ice cap’s slide into the ocean will be any less catastrophic for us humans, just because it is not happening right in front of our eyes or because we have been taught not to think about it and given some toys to distract our attention.

So, my wish for all of us in 2015 is to free our mind from boundaries imposed on it; to educate ourselves and to raise our awareness about what is happening to the world around us, even if it is not immediately nearby; and to search the answers within ourselves. When the answer is found, we can begin to act accordingly.

Feel free to share this if you are passionate about what I’m saying.

January 3, 2015


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