Living In A Minefield: The Wolves of Golan Heights

In the Golan Heights, a dangerous minefield near the Israel-Syria border provides an unlikely wildlife reserve where wolves are now thriving.

Sad irony of modern times: a minefield, left as a terrifying reminder of the military conflicts in the area, is actually safer for the wolves than the rest of the surrounding territory, both in the southern Golan Heights and its northern parts.

Despite the existing laws which are intended to protect the wildlife, wolves are “hunted, culled and poached across the region”. Legal protection by Israel Nature and Parks Authority (INPA), in reality, it does not do much except for controlling the population of the wolves by killing them and issuing permits for hunting them everywhere, except for the national parks.

Well-being of wolves’ pack is essential to Golan Heights ecosystem. However, when environmental authorities provide absolutely no educational outreach to explain the absolute necessity of preserving the fragile ecosystem, then it is no wonder than despite the fact that doing so is prohibited by Israeli law, there are cases of poisoning wolves and their pups. Last time it happened just outside the minefield perimeter…

Read this touching story here:

wolves pack1
Photo by (c) Caninest

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