A couple of thoughts on this world, empathy, and Cecil The Lion

Dear friends,

There are a few thoughts that I would like to share with you today.

A lot of cruel things are happening in the world as we speak. Some say, they always did and they will always continue to happen. Perhaps it is true.

But I believe in progress of consciousness and spirit. Nature has given us the brain to develop not only our intelligence, but also our perceiving abilities. We have to teach ourselves and those who will come after us to perceive the surrounding world with sensitiveness and consideration, not just for our precious selves, but for everyone and everything that we share this planet with.

Cecil The Lion R.I.P.
Cecil The Lion R.I.P.

Yesterday morning, during my usual ritual of browsing through the news websites and social media updates with a strong cup of joe, I became angered. I read the post by Gail Joss of Chachi’s Haven​ cat shelter in Tel Mond, Israel, about a negligence of a vet doctor, whose malpractice led to one of her kittens, Mikey, pass away rather painfully. When she complained, the vet replied, “well, this cat was never going to survive anyway”. On a daily basis Gail has to withstand her abominable neighbors in Tel Mond who diligently set out every night to poison the street cats she has been feeding for quite some time now.

Also yesterday, I was displeased after I read a small news piece on Israeli Walla News website on a decision to demolish a pet cemetery in Haifa, Israel, that quoted some dispirited owners of pet graves, who lost their hear and did not know what they should do now. Among two dozen comments to the article itself, however, there was not a single sympathetic one. More or less all of them said, in a characteristic coarse style recognizable to all locals, “You goddamn leftists [sic] has gone too far this time, what the hell is a pet cemetery anyway? You must be out of your mind to spend money on dead animals! When these things croak, just pack this trash in a plastic bag and toss it in the dumpster.”

Just today came the news that a Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer, who is fond of killing wild animals for his entertainment, cowardly lured and killed the much-loved 13-year-old lion, Cecil, in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe. In my opinion, it is disgusting to shoot any animal just for fun. But Palmer lured a friendly lion, who was known to visitors and seemingly enjoyed human contact, out of the park and shot him through the head with an arrow. It took poor Cecil at least 40 minutes to die, after which our brave hero cut off his head for a trophy (to export it out of the country, by the way, he will have to bribe the Zimbabwean Customs, since it is poaching). But do you know what I wish? I wish the lion would come to Walter James Palmer in his dreams, shake his magnificent hairy head that Palmer barbarously cut off his body, and ask him, “What have I done to you for treating me like that?” Chances are that it will never happen, though. Not in Walter Palmer’s dreams, anyway.

I am glad to say, however, that the news on Cecil The Lion and his slayer, Walter Palmer, has sparked an outrage across the Internet. Thousands of people, many of them from USA, are highly indignant at the murder of the lion; hopefully, Palmer’s River Bluff Dental office will experience some significant business decline in the very near future.

But what does Palmer himself has to say about this tragic event?

He apologized, naturally, for unknowingly killing a “famous lion”. “I had no idea that the lion I took was a known, local favorite, was collared and part of a study until the end of the hunt”, said Palmer.

His biggest regret is that the hunt was illegal, because he “took” the wrong lion. He does not care that a dozen young cubs in a pride that was led by Cecil, most likely, will not survive now, which means he killed not only one lion, but potentially a dozen. Lastly, he does not feel regret for killing a living being, a member of the species whose current conservation status is classified as vulnerable (threatened). And this is not the first time Palmer kills a member of endangered species.

The point of this post is simple. As long as there are people who call fellow earthlings “game”, who call pointless and senseless killing of animals “activity I love and practice responsibly and legally” (Palmer’s own words), who cannot sympathize with other people and other living beings, who deny the right of animals to live their own life, even the most advanced and elaborate sustainable policy and legislation will not be able to save the environment. Moral responsibility for environmental problems should be zealously promoted if we want to lay a favorable groundwork for the environmental policy and law to be effective.

…Stories like these are abundant, and they happen everyday. I know these are just a few small, random examples, and there is a lot of people who’d tell me, “Much more horrid stories happen on a daily basis in our world”, and they are probably right.But if the humankind wants to ever see the “light in the end” of much talked “tunnel”, we all have got to rethink how we treat this world, and reject egoism and unbridled hedonism as only driving force of our living.


#environmentalawareness #carefortheplanet #animalwelfare #banhunting #CecilTheLion

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