This blog is dedicated to all of us, to a beautiful blue globe called Earth, which we all share the privilege of living on, and to the ideas of how each and every one of us can contribute to caring for our Home.

Care For The Planet focuses, primarily, on promoting ideas of environmental sustainability and awareness, and at the same time, looks into media representation of various environmental issues.

Care For The Planet blog (Home) – this is main page of the permanently updated blog, with entries on environmental news, public awareness, sustainable thinking, environmental research and many more. Here you will find articles, analyses, various media items – you’re welcome to participate in discussions, as well.

Instead of An Introduction – please visit this page for a more detailed story and the idea behind Care For The Planet. Here you can read about the blog’s ideology and mission, a bit about my own personal story and what led me to create this blog.

Environmental Media Links – this section focuses on various websites, authors, blogs, and organizations that use various environmental communication practices in order to successfully communicate sustainable thinking and promote ideas that lead to increasing environmental awareness among their readers and followers.

Right Vibes – influential art, creative thoughts, and positive ideas that might aid us along the way.

Also, in the very near future, this blog will feature the following sections:
Media Watch – this section will be dedicated to scientific analysis of various media items, including these of a dubious origin and questionable content, which are aimed at promoting the counter-environmentalist ideas.

Academic writings – a suggested list of academic reading on environmental sustainability and environmental awareness.

Publications – a list of my own publications.

About the author

square 75Ronnie Safarov is a trilingual freelance writer, former journalist, media researcher and amateur singer-songwriter.

Born in Soviet Union, he lived in Azerbaijan, Israel, Sweden, and most recently, Denmark. In 2010, he graduated with a Master’s Degree in Media and Communication from Örebro University, Sweden, having focused in global journalism and media influence on public opinion. He interned as an art editor at Copenhagen Post, the only English-speaking newspaper in Copenhagen region, Denmark. Ronnie’s vocational experience also includes working as a web content manager, freelance trilingual translator and writer, and copyright administrative assistant at a musical performance rights society.

Throughout the years, Ronnie has always been most concerned about global human impact on the environment, with environmental communication, sustainable thinking, and global environmental awareness among his main interests. Ronnie Safarov has recently enrolled into Environmental Sustainability M.Sc. program at University of Ottawa, Canada, looking forward to focusing his research on the linkage between media representation of various environmental sustainability aspects and its social impact, that can be manifested through public opinion.



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