First week in the Land of The Maple Leaf: meeting Derek Olive at a Blue Dot Movement event

Right off the bat, I want to say I’m sorry to all my readers for being relatively quiet this month. I have an excuse, however: I am now officially back to school, this time pursuing Master of Science in Environmental Sustainability at the University of Ottawa, Canada.

Having moved to a new city in which I’m about to spend the next two years of my life, I’m now familiarizing myself with new surroundings, making new acquaintances, and of course, slowly getting in tune with the current ideas and attitudes that occupy the minds of Canadians.

The main talk in Canada now, of course, is the federal election, which will be held on October 19, 2015 to elect members to the House of Commons of the 42nd Parliament of Canada.

At the Parliament Hill.
At the Parliament Hill. Photo: Ronnie Safarov (c)

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Toyota to Produce Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Car – Is It Good Or Bad

Toyota has announced the mass production of the new Toyota Mirai, a hydrogen fuel cell powered car that emits no CO2 or other exhaust gas at the point of operation, but water vapor instead.

Thus it is assumed and advertised to be 100% ecology-friendly.

They seem to forget, however, that water vapor is the gas that contributes to the greenhouse effect the most.

CNN piece is entitled rather optimistically, “You can drink this car’s exhaust”.

You don’t say?..

Read the news on Mirai car on CNN Money here:

And then please make sure to read this article on water vapor and its harmful effect on Skeptical Science:

Author: Dr Keats
Environmental exhaust? Not really (image: Dr Keats)

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