Bees Are In Sharp Decline Worldwide

Sharp decline in number of bumblebees, which are one of the world’s most important pollinators, driven primarily by habitat loss, declines in floral abundance and use of poisonous chemicals in agriculture, is causing a great concern worldwide.
Read more on this on IUCN’s Red List of Threatened Species’​ website:

In Ontario province, honeybees are in sharp decline. Who, or what, is killing them? Read about it in the following article by TVO’s Tim Alamenciak:

But if you think that this is a completely new phenomenon, you are mistaken. Read about decline in bumblebee species in the past 60 years in an academic paper called “Decline and conservation of bumble bees” by Goulson D, Lye GC, Darvill B.


A couple of thoughts on this world, empathy, and Cecil The Lion

Dear friends,

There are a few thoughts that I would like to share with you today.

A lot of cruel things are happening in the world as we speak. Some say, they always did and they will always continue to happen. Perhaps it is true.

But I believe in progress of consciousness and spirit. Nature has given us the brain to develop not only our intelligence, but also our perceiving abilities. We have to teach ourselves and those who will come after us to perceive the surrounding world with sensitiveness and consideration, not just for our precious selves, but for everyone and everything that we share this planet with.

Cecil The Lion R.I.P.
Cecil The Lion R.I.P.

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Sixth Mass Extinction Of Species – Do We Care At All?

According to the latest findings, the number of animal species that went extinct as a result of a squandering human activity since the rise of industrial society is so enormously high it is possible to speak of a sixth mass extinction of species already underway and running in full speed.

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Living In A Minefield: The Wolves of Golan Heights

In the Golan Heights, a dangerous minefield near the Israel-Syria border provides an unlikely wildlife reserve where wolves are now thriving.

Sad irony of modern times: a minefield, left as a terrifying reminder of the military conflicts in the area, is actually safer for the wolves than the rest of the surrounding territory, both in the southern Golan Heights and its northern parts.

Despite the existing laws which are intended to protect the wildlife, wolves are “hunted, culled and poached across the region”. Legal protection by Israel Nature and Parks Authority (INPA), in reality, it does not do much except for controlling the population of the wolves by killing them and issuing permits for hunting them everywhere, except for the national parks.

Well-being of wolves’ pack is essential to Golan Heights ecosystem. However, when environmental authorities provide absolutely no educational outreach to explain the absolute necessity of preserving the fragile ecosystem, then it is no wonder than despite the fact that doing so is prohibited by Israeli law, there are cases of poisoning wolves and their pups. Last time it happened just outside the minefield perimeter…

Read this touching story here:

wolves pack1
Photo by (c) Caninest

Welcome To Care For The Planet Blog!

Welcome everybody!

This is the first post in my newest blog called Care For The Planet.

The purpose of this blog is two-fold.

First of all, like all bloggers on the web, I wanted to create a place where I could publish, promote and discuss my own thoughts, reflections and ideas on what I care about the most. In my case, it is our planet’s current environmental situation.

Through this blog, I hope to:

– contribute to promotion of environmental awareness through focusing on sustainable way of living as the only solution;

– argue that the sustainable living requires a person to adopt a certain mindset which, in turn, is a result of an intellectual, moral and even spiritual self-development;

– examine the influence of media and various environmental communication strategies on public opinion on this subject.

The second purpose – and in some ways it interlinks with the first one – I hope that with time, this blog becomes an environmental media web center with focus on various issues of current global environmental situation. Ideally, I would like it to have the same spread as, for example, some popular sport web portals. I would want Care For The Planet to become a place for people who share the same interest and passion for the environmental situation to read the latest media news, scientific articles, interact with each other through public debates, become familiar with progressive ideas and suggest their own ones, promote their own environmental blogs and websites, read the research bibliography and conduct their own research, and many more. It is not a secret that today people do feel lost, at times, browsing through an overwhelming sea of information available online, in search for an answer to a specific question or topic of interest. There is a plethora of environmental websites and blogs on the web, and all of them do offer some kind of useful information, but the multiple repetitions of the same posts that are constantly copied from one source to another makes the topic itself seem dull and dampens the enthusiasm of readers.

So please participate, contribute and use the materials on this blog to spread the awareness and share the knowledge.

Update: please click here for detailed agenda, ideology and history behind the