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It is true that by learning about this world, by educating ourselves and others, we contribute to global environment and make successful steps toward solutions of many a burning issue. However, in order to progress harmoniously, create the right working atmosphere, and enliven our mood, we need not to forget about our spiritual side as well. This page will focus on various pieces of art, such as music, painting, or spiritual practices. I strongly believe that engaging in pacifying, mind-settling activities, which are aimed at widening the horizons of our sensibility, helps us reach a desired balance within ourselves and sharpen our mind. I decided to call this page The Right Vibes.

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Demon Fuzz were a brilliant UK band from the 1970s, that mixed world music, soul, and psychedelic rock. Take a listen to their beautiful 1970 song, Hymn to Mother Earth. It might be the source of your inspiration before your start another environmental research.

More about them:


Tor Lundvall is an amazing American ambient musician, painter and environmentalist.

His music influences me with thoughts about nature, its amazing mysteries and a call within.

Have a look at this haunting, mystic video, filmed by Lundvall himself, for one of his older songs, Evening.

You might also like his “Empty City” album, full of dark ambient sounds, which create a sound picture of an abandoned city after what seems like an environmental catastrophe…



Much has been said about Pearl Jam and Eddie Vedder‘s conscious position towards this world, Earth and ecology. But this song from their album “Yield” (1998) is one of my personal all-time favorites.

Clouds roll by
Reeling is what they say
Or is it just my way?
Wind blows by, low light
Side-tracked, low light
Can’t see my tracks, your scent-way back

In the wake of news on slaying of Cecil The Lion in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park, and the international burst of indignation that followed, as I was browsing through the online publications, this composition by Jozef Van Wissem and Jim Jarmusch came on, and it suited the mood perfectly. There are overdriven guitar noises mid-song that make you imagine a wounded lion howling and wailing in the middle of the night as his ruthless murderers draw near in order to finally take his life and his beautiful, magnificent head, so that some soulless scoundrel could brag about it to his satiated, abominable friends over a glass of scotch.

May this music piece be a sonic epitaph of sorts for all innocent victims, people and animals, who are falling right now somewhere out there, in our cruel and beautiful world.

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 Book reviews

Olaf Stapledon, Star Maker (1937)

Are you familiar with the inspirational feeling of suddenly meeting a like-minded soul?
starmakerAfter I started reading this book, in many respects it felt like reading my own reflections set to words, an embodiment of my own thoughts on life and Universe, on a link between spiritual and intellectual.
I’ve never heard of this book prior to that, and as much as I was amazed to discover this, I was astonished ever more to know that by and large, it never got the publicity it deserved, despite being published in 1937.

But it did gain the repute among the right people, it was praised by HG Wells, Jorge Luis Borges, Arthur C.Clarke, Virginia Woolf, Doris Lessing, it inspired Freeman Dyson who based his concept of Dyson spheres upon it.

Still, the book’s ideas and reflections that could be very beneficial to the development of individual self-cognition seem to have passed unnoticed by the larger part of mankind so far.

If it was not enough to get my point across, ´´Star Maker´´ by Olaf Stapledon is very much recommended to those who would like to unleash their mind and let it wander off deep into space.

Spiritual Practice

Unify –  a global unification through yoga and spiritual development. Check it out: http://unify.org/


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