On Gold King Mine Spill and Reputation of Ecologists

A few weeks ago, I had a discussion with some guy approximately my age on environmental awareness in today’s world. During our conversation, we began speaking on whether the concerns for ecological well-being of our planet are well-grounded.

Touching upon my favorite topic fueled my ardor, and I began to enthusiastically argue with my interlocutor, who, after proudly proclaiming himself as a staunch supporter of conservative ideology with a sheer disdain for “all that leftist mumbo-jumbo” (among which he reckoned the ideas I was communicating), was counterattacking my arguments just as ardently. Luckily for me, the guy didn’t seem over-zealous to the point where any meaningful discussion splits upon a rock of a blatant narrow-mindedness and being stubborn on principle, and so our conversation carried on to the following point.

Affected area. Animas, San Juan, and Colorado rivers’ basin.

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