Bees Are In Sharp Decline Worldwide

Sharp decline in number of bumblebees, which are one of the world’s most important pollinators, driven primarily by habitat loss, declines in floral abundance and use of poisonous chemicals in agriculture, is causing a great concern worldwide.
Read more on this on IUCN’s Red List of Threatened Species’‚Äč website:

In Ontario province, honeybees are in sharp decline. Who, or what, is killing them? Read about it in the following article by TVO’s Tim Alamenciak:

But if you think that this is a completely new phenomenon, you are mistaken. Read about decline in bumblebee species in the past 60 years in an academic paper called “Decline and conservation of bumble bees” by Goulson D, Lye GC, Darvill B.


My New Year Wish

Recently, I was reflecting about current situation of our beautiful planet, browsing through some terrible pictures and worrying news from 2014, and I could not help but go sensitive and scribble a few words – my wishes for the upcoming year.

So, my wish for 2015 is…

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